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"To coach and train leaders to enjoy the journey, lead with confidence, become more decisive, and take on dirty issues through courageous leadership - all while taking care of their personal well-being" - Ron Ward
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With best selling author and Former Federal Law Enforcement Academy Director Ron Ward.

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Check out the Fundamentals of Leadership Course.

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Check out the Fundamentals of Leadership Course.

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Upcoming Events

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09/14/2021 - Launch of Fundamentals of Leadership Course
10/20/2021 - Virtual Leadership Presentation for Philadelphia, PA

10/26/2021 - Live Training for US Probation Office in Iowa City, Iowa
10/31/2021 - Book Signing event at the Coastal Carolina Fair, Ladson, SC
11/1/2021 - Live leadership training event at Faith Assembly of God, Summerville, South Carolina
11/16/2021 - Virtual leadership training, Southern District of Texas, Houston, TX
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